Disney Amphibia season 2 first image

First image for Disney Amphibia season 2 was revealed, it is concept art.
Disney Amphibia season 2 imageDisney Amphibia season 2 image

As you can see Anne and the Plantars leave Wartwood and we will see the world outside of The Valley.
All the theories revolve around the castle in the background
And at the moment, they are:
- That building in the distance is the home of the newts - Newtopia?
- It's Probably where the True Villain is
- Hop Pop did bury the Calamity Box for some reason and is most probably hiding a lot of things from Anne
- Maybe in the castle he will reveal the creator of the Calamity Box, his brother (:) Good joke for Gravity Falls fans)
- Maybe we find Marcy

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