Kung Fu Mulan - new animated movie. Chinese adaptation of the story of Mulan.

Kung Fu Mulan or Mulan: Heng kong chu shi is a new animated movie based on the Mulan's story. But this time from the Chinese animation studio.
"Kung Fu Mulan" is another story with familiar motifs. Since childhood, thanks to her family, Mulan studied martial arts and dreamed of becoming a real warrior in her adult life. She still joined the army instead of her father and found a way to express herself and her abilities. And she had a mission to kill the Crown Prince of the enemy kingdom. Only the young people fell in love with each other, and then Mulan found a new goal - to bring peace to both sides involved in the war. Watch this exciting trailer with English subtitles.

The movie slogan: "The real China. The real Mulan".
Release date: October 3, 2020
Kung Fu Mulan 2020

New Mulan:
Kung Fu Mulan 2020

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