Mermaid Magic Netflix animated series

Netflix just announced a batch of new animated films and animated series from creators across Europe. And one of these animated series will probably interest you, because it will be about mermaids, and Iginio Straffi (father of Winx Club) works on it himself.
Now we have only one concept art and synopsis.

First art:

From multi-award-winning creator and director Iginio Straffi (Winx Club) and Emmy Award-winning animation studio Rainbow/Bardel (Rick and Morty, The Dragon Prince), together with highly acclaimed head writer, Rich Burns (Spirit Riding Free) comes a groundbreaking CG-animated series about a teenage mermaid princess named Merlinda who leaves her undersea world for the unknown land above to track down a rare source of magic that will help her take on the evil forces above the waves and below that seek to destroy her kingdom.

No release date is known yet, but we will keep you updated.

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