Disney Frozen 3 movie news

Disney Frozen 3 movie has been officially confirmed in summer 2023 and is currently in pre-production stages.
A new Frozen 4 movie may be in the works too.
In an interview with "Good Morning America" Disney CEO Bob Iger said, "'Frozen 3' is in the works and there might be a 'Frozen 4' in the works too."
" Jenn Lee, who created 'Frozen,' the original 'Frozen' and 'Frozen II,' is hard at work with her team at Disney Animation on not one but actually two stories."

Jennifer Lee Disney Animation CCO, appearing on BFI London Film Festival shared her emotions on working on Frozen 3.
Every morning last week they carved out space for me to work with the creative team on it, and I am blown away and I am so excited. I don’t know what I’m doing on it yet — I’m not doing nothing — except doing what I do now, which is we work on every project as as team and I’m in there with creative. But with ‘Frozen,’ just a little bit more.

We are excited too! And will be collecting all Frozen 3 news for you.
To be updated with trailer, posters, pictures, synopsis, release date and more info as soon as they will be revealed.
But the wait for news will likely be long, given Disney's current schedule the movie probably won't come out until 2026.
No word yet on who will direct the movie, but the voice cast will return to their roles to work on Frozen 3.

(Picture is Frozen 2 movie)
Disney Frozen 3 movie news

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