LOL Surprise Family Episode 3 and 4

The Baby's Here! - LOL Surprise Family Episode 3

Neonlicious is super busy, so Aya Cherry steps in to help babysit! Neon Q.T. is so excited because she gets to practice being the best big sister for Lil Neon Q.T., even if that means cleaning up her messes! From slurping up yummy ramen to playing dress up, these sisters have a fun-filled weekend ahead. Lil Neon Q.T. wants to skip her nap and have fun with her sisters, but Aya Cherry is trying to be a good babysitter! Can she get Lil Neon Q.T. to take a nap before she can play?

A Good Hair Day - LOL Surprise Family Episode 4

Ballet dancer, Ali, wants to BE just like her new hero, Skatepark Q.T. So, Ali visits the salon to LOOK just like her, too. But when friends on the boardwalk mistake Ali for the skateboard expert, the problems begin. Skatepark Q.T. is not very happy. So she switches her look to match Ali’s! She hopes it teaches Ali a special lesson: it's better to be yourself than a copy of someone else!

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