Release dates of all new ZAG projects: Ladybug 2 and 3, Pixigirl, Melody, Superstar, Feryon and other

!Changes in release dates for Zag projects!
You know ZAG studio as creators of super popular new tv show "Miraculous Ladybug ". But do you know that this studio will release dozen of new super cool shows and movies. We collected all upcoming ZAG projects, that will be released in 2016-2020. Among them are Miraculous Ladybug new seasons, Pixigirl, Denver, Power Players, Melody, Superstar, Ghostforce, Legendz, Feryon, Space Fighters, Adventure Park, Kosmik Wrestle, Miss Rose, Peter Hawk, Abominable and Gayajin. You'll see - 2018 will be awesome!

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