Pokemon meets Zelda in watercolors

Mexican graphic designer David Pilatowsky created super cool and cute watercolor mashups of Pokemon and Zelda characters. He called them The Legend of Pokemon-Princess and The Legend of Pokemon - Heroes. The mix of Pokemon and Zelda characters is, however, the most unusual choice that has come to our attention so far. Definitely a choice that is not obvious for many.
The artist gave to Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Mew, Eevee and many other Pokemon the roles of Link, Zelda or Sheik. Captured as digital watercolors, created with Photoshop, this illustration series shows how perfect this symbiosis is for both worlds.
Pokemon meets Zelda in watercolors

Charmander as Link

Bulbasaur as Link

Squirtle as Link

Pikachu as Link

Mew as dark Link

Pokemon as Zelda characters

Eevee as Zelda

Vaporeon as Sheik

Horsea as Ruto

Growlithe as Impa

Celebi as Midna

Pokemon as Zelda Princess

Source: David Pilatowsky

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