New Barbie Collector 2020 dolls release dates and prices

Here release dates and prices for new spring - summer 2020 Barbie Collector dolls. Please note that these dates include the release of dolls associated with the release of films that have been postponed. There's a chance that release of those Barbie dolls will be moved too, we don't have any information on that yet.
Barbie Collector 2020 release dates

Release dates and prices for the upcoming Barbie Collector dolls:
Barbie Wonder Woman 1984 (April) $76
Barbie Black Widow (April) $65
Gold Medal (April) $35
75th Celebration (May) $60
75th Celebration African American (May) $60
Tiny Wishes (May) $35
Barbie Jean-Michel Basquiat (May) $55
Barbie Top Gun Maverick (May) $50
Barbie Silkstone Best to a Tea (May) $80
Barbie Star Wars Rey (May) $100
Barbie Star Wars Storm Trooper (May) $100
Barbie Star Wars Chewbacca (May) $120
Barbie Star Wars CP-30 (May) $100
2020 Holiday Blonde (June) $47
2020 Holiday Hispanic (June) $47
2020 Holiday African American (June) $47
Silkstone The Best Look (June) $100
Susan B. Anthony (June) $38
Barbie Elton John (June) $55
BMR1959 4 New Dolls (June) $35 each
Barbie Dia de Muertos 2 (June) $80
Alex Morgan (June) $45
Silkstone The Gala's Best (July) $165
HBC Stripes (July) $55
Yara Shahidi (Aug) $38

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