Barbie Collector dolls 2020

List of the upcoming and already released Barbie Collector Signature dolls 2020

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1.Barbie Signature Mattel 75th Anniversary Doll – Get It Here

Barbie Collector dolls 2020

This reproduction of the original 1959 Barbie doll features a Silkstone body for the very first time.

3.40th Anniversary First Black Barbie Doll - Get It Here

4.The Barbie Fashion Model Collection BEST TO A TEA DOLL #GHT65 - Get It Here

5. The Barbie Fashion Model Collection Best Look #GNC39 - Get It Here

6. Barbie Best in Black – Get It Here

7. Flight of Fashion - Winning Prototype for the 2019 Barbie Signature Doll Design Showdown

2020 Inspiring Women’s Barbie Dolls

8. Florence Nightingale Barbie Inspiring Women Doll #GHT87 - Get It Here

9. Ella Fitzgerald Barbie Inspiring Women Doll #GHT86- Get It Here

10. Billie Jean King Barbie Inspiring Women Doll #GHT85- Get It Here

11. Susan B. Anthony Inspiring Women Doll - Get It Here

2020 Pop Culture & Movies Barbie Collector Signature dolls

12. Elton John Barbie Doll #GHT52

13. Top Gun: Maverick Barbie Ken Doll #GHT64

14. Barbie Signature Entertainment Storm Trooper Star Wars Doll #GLY29 - Get it here

15. Barbie Signature Entertainment Black Widow Doll w / White Fashion #GHT82

16. 2020 Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Barbie doll #GJJ49


17. 2020 Mythical Muse Dragon Empress Barbie Doll - Buy It Here

18. Barbie Gold Medal Barbie Doll #GPC77 - a repro of the 1975 doll.

19. Barbie Tiny Wishes doll #GNC35 - Get it here

20. Jean-Michel Basquiat X Barbie Doll #GHT53 - Get it here

21. Barbie Signature Birthday Wishes doll 2020 – Buy It Here

22. Barbie Signature Ballet Wishes doll 2020 – Buy It Here

Second wave of BMR1959 dolls - Get it here

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