MGA teases LOL Surprise Remix collection with announcement of new LOL Crew REMIX song

MGA just announced a premiere of new LOL Surprise song called LOL Crew REMIX. The Crew REMIX song will be available on September 1, 2020.

I'm with my crew, we ride
We remix this vibe
We rule the world, that's right
We're LOL Surprise

It means that we have a little hope that on September 1 there will be a release of a new LOL Surprise Remix collection of dolls.
LOL Surprise Remix is a new LOL Surprise dolls series that will include in first wave:
LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip dolls
LOL Surprise Remix Pets
LOL OMG Remix dolls – Kitty K, Lonestar, Pop B.B., Honeyliciuous

There are much more to come later in October - November.
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