Barbie Francie reproduction collector doll 2022

Barbie presents a classic 1967 reproduction of a rare and collectors favorite doll. This Barbie collectible doll has an iconic look, vintage wrist tag and display packaging.

Francie, "Barbie's British cousin," came on the market in 1966. She had a new mold designed specifically for this doll, and a new body (the first release had non-bending legs, just like the first Barbies). Both Francie's face and figure were in stark contrast to Barbie's. Flat breasts and narrow - almost boyish - hips, feet under a low heel, a very young and open face, large eyes without heavy eyelids, and in many releases, long "real" eyelashes.

Francie also followed the fashion of hairstyles. With the image of this doll is usually associated with a flip, a hairstyle on the hair of medium length with the ends moved outward. Flip came into fashion in the second half of the '60s.
Barbie Francie reproduction collector doll 2022

Francie was even "honored" with a separate publication - in 1996, the famous collector and expert Joe Blitman introduced his encyclopedia Francie and Her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion.
You can get it here:

Releas date: August 2022

More information about upcoming release coming soon.

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