Monster High Collector Stitched in Style Frankie Stein doll

Meet new collector Frankie Stein Stitched in Style doll. This Monster High doll is an assembly of stitched parts, for an electric look! Stitched in Style Frankie Stein glows in a deconstructed haute couture gown celebrating the art of tailoring. Wrapped in silver chains from head to toe, it's the embodiment of high-voltage fashion. Luxurious packaging and a doll stand make the Frankie Stein doll an electrifying design object to display!
She is Amazon exclusive.
Elegant and electrifying, the Monster High Stitched in Style Frankie Stein doll sports a pulled-together look guaranteed to beat the ghouls to the punch!
In true Frankie Stein fashion, she wears an overstitched bustier and a pleated skirt so chic, it's awe-inspiring. Asymmetrical tulle overlays create a dazzling silhouette!
A silver metal chain embellished with sewing tools adds a dose of energy to the skirt. Other chains cascade down her hair and wrap around one arm.
Accessories such as a crown of needles, long matching earrings and patchwork skulls complete this deconstructed ghoul look.
With a doll base and luxurious packaging for display, the Stitched in Style Frankie Stein doll is a wonderful gift idea that will bring a chill to any Monster High collection.

Model number: HRL66
Release date: Fall 2023
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