Fantastic Beasts-insipred posters

These posters will inspire you to travel and explore the world that lies among us muggles.


Niffler poster

These cute creatures are native to Britain and have a penchant for anything shiny. They live underground and can be found in burrows and caves. Be careful if you’re wanting one as a pet, you may come home to chaos.


Bowtruckle poster

These naturally camouflaged animals guard the trees wands are made off. Favouring forests of west England they are intensely shy… until you disturb their home. Watch out for their long, sharp fingers.


Demiguise poster

Peaceful and ape-like, the Demiguise can be found in the Far East. If threatened they quickly turn invisible and their rare pelts can be used to make invisibility cloaks.

Common Welsh Green Dragon

Common Welsh Green Dragon poster

If you haven’t seen one yet, it may be because your memory has been wiped by the Ministry of Magic. A reservation has been set up in the welsh mountains where they feed on small mammals, so when climbing Snowdon, keep an eye out.


Thunderbird Fantastic Beasts poster

With a flap of its wings, a storm is summoned. Closely related to the phoenix, these powerful birds favour drier climates in the US, their shimmering feathers blend in perfectly to the high clouds.


Giants Fantastic Beasts poster

Big and beastly, if you come across a giant, run in the opposite direction. Where better for them to live than the mountains of Europe, sizing themselves up against the towering peaks?


Merpeople Fantastic Beasts poster

When delving into the depths of the great lake, look out for the merpeople’s strong fins and long, flowing hair. With warlike tendencies, don’t stop by too long as they may not let you return to the surface.

You can find the print versions of these posters here.

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