5 Best Back-To-School DIY videos - How to make school supplies

It's time to start prepare for school (college etc). And time to create your own cool school supplies.
Here you'll find 5 easy and gorgeous DIY videos about creating colorful and extraordinary school supplies. Everyone will be jealous about your notebooks, pens, rulers, backpacks...

10 Back-To-School DIY Projects from IdunnGoddess

DIY Gold and Glitter scissors and ruler, DIY Pom-pom Pen and Drinking Straws Pen, DIY Pencil case made with clear tape and sprinkles, two DIY notebooks, DIY Pineapple pencil topper, DIY eraser bookmarks and awesome DIY Flower Backpack.

No Sew DIY Pencil Cases with FRUITS design (Watermelon, Lemon, Kiwifruit)

How To Make A Pikachu Backpack

3 DIY Notebooks – How To Decorate Notebook Covers

DIY Gummy Bears, Fluffy Grass and Brick Wall notebooks. Easy and cute Back-to-school ideas.

DIY Invisible Ink Pen For Secret Messages

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a pen with invisible ink for secret messages. This magic DIY pen is must-have school stuff if you like to send written messages or love letters to your friends just in class.

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