The Lion King 1994 VS 2019 movie

Disney has been shooting its golden classics in film format for several years in a row. And when it comes to such masterpieces as "The Lion King", we are waiting with a sinking heart for either a masterpiece or a complete failure. And today we breathed a sigh of relief, and now it only captures the spirit of delight! The first teaser for the movie trailer was released, and it is beautiful! Apparently, the filmmakers understood the importance for the audience of the characters themselves and the pictures, and did not invent something new. We are waiting for our favorite characters and favorite songs!
Goosebumps start to run down the skin when you hear this familiar melody from the first frames of the cartoon. In this video we compared the frames from the movie trailer and from the cartoon. Do you like new cgi little Simba and Rafiki?

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