Long awaited trailer for Marvel Avengers 4: Endgame!

The Avengers: Endgame.
And yet the fans were right. It is absolutely incomprehensible why Marvel hid the name that we guessed immediately after the release of the Infinity War. Dr. Strange told Tony Stark that the game was over.

The Avengers doesn't know about the survivors.
As we see in one of the frames, Bruce Benner in the Avengers mansion reviews photos of the Spider and the Ant-Man. Nobody knows Tony and Nebula survived. And the guys logically recorded them in the list of the dead. Scott appears at the end of the film, but not all is clear about Stark.

New mission for Cap.
Cap and the Black Widow are going on a mysterious mission. It is doubtful that this was a crusade against Thanos. All the same, the guys are not the same. Maybe the guys somehow got Stark's message addressed to Potts and try to save him?

Hawkeye's family is vanished too.
Here comes the combination of voice-over and pictures. At the moment when it is said that we have lost our relatives and a part of ourselves, Hawkeye is shown to us. He definitely became Ronin. How this relates to the main plot is still incomprehensible.

Scott Lang - the key to everything.
No wonder it put emphasis. Lang with his quantum reality will somehow play a key role in what is happening. It is unknown what exactly the guys are going to do - maybe save Tony, maybe - to travel in time. But this is the turning point of the project.

Will Tony Stark Survive?
Hard to say. On the one hand, in 10 hours the Avengers will not have time to lift it from the Earth. But on the other hand, there is a quantum reality where it is possible to cross long distances. Time flows differently there, and in theory, Captain can save Stark. Oh, and dpn't forget that in Avengers 4 we will see Pepper in her super hero suit! So she will come to save Tony too!

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