LOL Surprise Hair Hair Hair pets series 2

Introducing the second series of the LOL Surprise Hair Hair Hair Dolls! Unbox your LOL Surprise collectible doll with REAL hair and 9 unique hair styling accessories, including a scrunchie, a hairbrush, hair clips, ballies, and a roller! These new B.B.s come with outrageous hair to brush, style, and accessorize. Create fabulous and one-of-a-kind hairstyles that compliment your doll’s fierce fashions. Bathe your B.B. to reveal a color change surprise! Collect all 8 Hair Hair Hair™ dolls to play with the whole crew! Unbox 10 fabulous surprises to mix and match while you style and play with these adorable characters.
You can get it here:

LOL Surprise Hair Hair Hair pets series 2
LOL Surprise Hair Hair Hair pets series 2

STYLE AND PLAY: Each outrageous pet comes with real hair and multiple accessories to brush, style, and accessorize for tons of unique looks. Mix and match for never-ending hairstyles!
UNBOX 10 SURPRISES, Including: (1) LOL Surprise Hair Hair Hair Pet; (2) Costume; (3) Shoes; (4) Glasses; (5) Bottle; (6) Brush; (7) Hair Accessory; (8) Scrunchie; (9) Accessory; (10) Rubber Bands.
MUSIC THEME: Each Hair Hair Hair pet has its own music theme. Style your pet’s hair and hit the stage!
COLLECT All 8 pets and design your own fierce hairstyles with the whole crew!
WINDOW BOX PACKAGING: See your pet’s fabulous hair and fashions before you unbox!

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