If vegetables and fruits were people

Humanization is a direction of creativity that is rather popular among contemporary artists. It is the image of various living beings, inanimate objects or abstract concepts in the form of people. Whoever the master of a brush and a pencil had humanized: cartoon characters, animals, emotions, and even countries.
If vegetables and fruits were peopleIf vegetables and fruits were people

Maria Tyurina was lucky, because she lives next to the best green shop in London and the last few years she goes there at least once a week to see a stunning assortment of beautiful fruits and vegetables. These trips inspired her to create a project: the artist represents the nature of exotic fruits and vegetables and depicts how they would look if they were people.
If vegetables and fruits were people

Curious horned melon

Curious horned melonCurious horned melon

Cold-blooded broccoli

Cold-blooded broccoliCold-blooded broccoli

Haughty grenade

Haughty grenadeHaughty grenade

Mistrustful figs

If vegetables and fruits were people

Cute watermelon

Cute watermelonCute watermelon

Seductive pitahaia


Melancholic Lettuce

Melancholic LettuceMelancholic Lettuce

Thoughtful Turban Pumpkin

Thoughtful Turban PumpkinThoughtful Turban Pumpkin

The sly physalis

The sly physalisThe sly physalis

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