Miraculous Ladybug: What to expect in season 4 and new specials - from interview with Winny

This interview with Winny (a co-director on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) was done by Serena @TheRaikume

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Miraculous Ladybug fans will love it!

Serena: Okay, so um here comes the first question. ( I'm going to have to go with a Luka question.. well a snake miraculous question: I didn't come up with this question, someone else did haha.)

“What was the concept of the Snake Miraculous, what inspired the ability, and why did the team choose it?”

Winny: This question is actually something for the writing team, but I can help:
The concept is "intuition".

Well because everything about "mythology" pretty much comes from Thomas.
Now, the first script where Luka gets his Miraculous is in fact "my" script. Yeah!
Let's immediately add the fact that I had help. But with the basic idea, Marinette thinking of the idea of Adrien helping her, that comes from me.
Now, about why the team chose Luka to get this one Miraculous specifically...

Serena: Would it be considered that the fact that though Luka is young, he has an old soul. Meaning he’s wise for his age?

Winny: Again, Thomas certainly has a good story about it. But lets just say that Sass and Luka simply match together perfectly. Sass and Luka are mysterious, serious, mature, humorous, and have the philosophy in life. So they both are made to get along.
So in conclusion: yes, Luka is wise for his age.

Serena: That would explain it. No wonder I have a liking for Luka. (It's not because he's a pretty boy who plays music either cough).

Winny: The first thing would be that he does have a lot of empathy.
Serena: Luka is someone who definitely understands feelings, a gift and yet a curse.
This makes me wonder how he actually felt during the "reveal" episode (Chat Blanc) when we see him in the background during Adrien and Marinette's dance in one of the scenes. I mean he has feelings for her, I just wonder about some of these things.
Okay I think that might be my time to change the question or else we will be talking about Luka the entire time HAHA.
Since I did sort of bring up the "reveal" episode (Chat Blanc), I do have the next question right here:

“We’re expecting more villains from the future, should we also expect to see any more characters besides Alix coming back from the future?”

Winny: Oh yes, there will be a new character, that's all I can say. It's already huge to confirm that.

Serena: Oh!! That'll get people pumping now. Let the guessing games begin.

Okay time for that next question:

“Was there anything that inspired the balcony scene in season 2 that you would like to share?”

Winny: Nothing specific, no. I started this storyboard scene from scratch.
From the balcony scene where CN meets Marinette, to the second one where he gets his "friend zone" speech from LB.
In fact, I never used references.

Ex: "Oh, I like this movie, and this scene. It reminds me of this and that, let's try to put it together for this one scene, it’ll most likely match."

It doesn't work this way at all. What you can think of already comes from your own personal backstory. Which is made from how you have lived, what you’ve experienced, etc … So, the real trick is “empathy”.
You just need to feel what all the characters feel. You would have to put yourself in their place,
once you do that, everything becomes easy. And you can't do anything else, that's the only thing that can happen. After, you’ll need technique to properly shoot the scene. Basically, everything is already there.

Serena: When placing yourself in someone's shoes, you learn several things you never felt before. To understand and to empathize is the ability that usually brings in the hardships of expectation versus reality. Did I say that right?

Winny: Yes.

Serena: Okay sending the continued questions:

“With Marinette being the new guardian, what would you say we should expect on how she makes her decisions, and will she be relying on Chat Noir more in the future?”

Winny: Saying anything about CN and LB’s relationship will be a spoiler. So I won’t say anything about that. But yes, the both of them will change. And of course, being the new guardian will have consequences.

Serena: I figured I would at least try asking haha. And with the consequences, she is only a teenager, it must be difficult having to do school, helping with her parent's shop, being a young designer, superhero, and now the guardian.

Winny: Exactly. It's way too much, however, it's now her new life.

Serena: I can't even take on that stress and I'm 23 .. I can't even imagine on her part.
But I have the next question ready:

“Will you be partaking in writing another episode soon? Or perhaps assisting again like previous episodes?”

Well, I really want to, but the fact of it is that it isn’t really possible. We work extremely hard with Thomas on lots of things, and he’s almost exclusively concentrated on his writing and his showrunner part.
I'm on the floor everyday with the team to direct the TV series. But as you know, we are also working on BayDay, the new comic platform. We also are preparing Miraculous comics.
Thomas also works on the new special TV, and we both have our family. So even if I really wanted to, my place right now is to retain the cap and working hard on the storytelling.

Now, in a way, I like to think that I'm a part of the writing team. because storyboarding is a way of "cleaning" the script. Words become pictures, without it, it's pretty much nothing. So, being a part of the team is already something huge to me.
And I'm still adding some CN's puns in ... So ...

Serena: You guys really do work hard and everyone absolutely appreciates it. How's the new office by the way? (That was totally off topic oops.) And the puns. I love the puns so much.

Winny: It's cool and it's closer to my home compared to the other office, so I'm happy with it. ^^

Serena: That's actually pretty great, at least it won't take you long to get home like before.
I have a question that people are still wondering about, do we finally get the new address to send you guys stuff or letters? (I'm sending stuff with Shilo this time so it doesn't end up getting lost in the mail like last time.)

Winny: Yes you can:

Miraculous team
Astruc Thomas, Pain Wilfried
46 Avenue de Breteuil
75007 Paris

Serena: Thank you! Now on to the next question because I totally went off track there. Oops. Here:

“Will we be getting more Felix in future episodes?”

(I mean, I was absolutely grateful with the one episode, but his character is just so fun to watch when he interacts with both Adrien and Marinette.)

Winny: Simple: Yes. And I also want to add: Of course we will.

Serena: YESSSSS. I'm so excited. Felix is literally the best. Will he get akumatized?

Winny: ....... biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (No Spoiler)

Serena: OOPS. Well this brings this questions up:

“Every villain(akumatized victim) design is different, how long does it usually take to create each and every villain?”

Winny: To design them, it's doesn’t really take that long. First, it (the episode) needs to be properly written, which already gives us all the essential information.
Then (almost every time) Thomas draws a quick sketch of what they should looks like. basically, the narrative traits.
Then we work on the drawing with the looks and the feelings. It usually takes 1 or 2 days.
But the complexity comes from all the technical stuffs behind it. 3d modeling, textures, set-ups, rigging, etc. this part can take about a month.
One other thing is the approval chain. Myself, the broadcasters and the producers need to give the green light before proceeding with the character designs. That can also take weeks, depending on the feedback.

Serena: Is it usually pretty fun when you have to create some of the models? Is there usually some difficulty modifying certain designs?

Winny: Oh yes, because you have to face the constraints. And you can't just say "No, we can't do it". You have to bounce and mix the technicals fits with ideas to create an even better design than what was expected.

Serena: That must be challenging and hard.

Winny: I like modeling (in real life I mean), so it's really great to adjust a 2d design to a 3D model. It’s because you can really adapt and create something even better.

Serena: Oh that's cool. Next question:

“How do you personally feel with how both Luka and Kagami were designed? Are there any specific likes/dislikes you have for both the characters?”

Winny: I find Kagami perfect, and Luka ugly. ^^ (Note: He’s joking, so don’t get mad.) Kagami was made by SAMG, while Luka was made by DQ. Hazard? I think not. But being more serious, they both are perfect. And of course their story is far from being finished.

Serena: I gasped when you called Luka ugly, HAHA!! But I do agree, Kagami is perfect. I still don't know why she gets more hate than Luka.
But fair enough, SAMG is is great and DQ is ... no comment.
I'm pretty excited about their story not being finished. Though, I'm pretty curious on how far their relationships will go with both Adrien and Marinette. They have those kinds of connections, emotionally.
So I guess I could bring up that question:

“Will we be getting some kind of continued relations between Kagami/Adrien and Marinette/Luka? What should we be expecting?”

Winny: ...... biiiiiiiiiiiii (and you should know it. )

Serena: I know, but I thought I would try. Haha. Okay I'll ask this question:

“How do you feel about the disbanding with SAMGs partnership with ZAG and Method?”

Winny: This is a misunderstanding. SAMG didn't really leave, they still work with Zag.
For example on Ghostforce.
And with Miraculous would be on the TV specials. It's more about business, production scheduling, and capacity. Still, it's hard for the show yes. But we are working hard to keep the quality, and better rising for the show.

Serena: Oh I'm glad to hear, but still sad about them not participating with the show. And TV specials? Are there going to be other ones besides the Christmas special?

Winny: It's not the Christmas special. ^^ It's the special New York special, and the Shanghai special.

Serena: Oh! I remember those, I thought those were postponed, we all never got any updates. How ARE those going??

Winny: It's in production here in Paris.

Serena: Will they be hour specials or just 30 minute specials?

Winny: Something like 50 minutes.

Serena: !!!! Ohhhhh. Now that's exciting. I can't wait. ♡ Next question:

“Will we be getting even more relations within the Agreste family? Isn't Thomas creating an origins with Gabriel and Emilie on bayday?”

(After this one, there's 2 more I promise)

Winny: The Agrestes will stay at the center of the show, yes. Indeed Thomas is currently working on comics about Gabriel, but that's another story.

Serena: So with the Agreste being the center, does that mean we will find out how Duusu's Miraculous broke?

Winny: ..... biiiiiiiiiii (Another No Spoiler)

Serena: I'm struggling with my curiosity today. I'm sorry. Okay okay, next question:

So since season 3's final episodes have finally been released officially, has your favorite episode changed?

Winny: No, not really. As the show is now getting more and more emotionally in-depth, I start to like sequences more than episodes. Like the pool sequence where Marinette loses her hair knots. I have memories of the strong emotions more than favoring an episode.

Serena: Emotions are a lot stronger. I did like Marinette's hair falling out. It was new and was nice. Though it did hit differently when comparing to Chat Blanc and Heart Hunter.
Okay last question!:

Do you have a small message to the fandom you would like to share while we wait for the next season?

Winny: Brace yourselves, and hold on to something. Because you'll be absolutely blown away. And of course, Thank you all for your support. Our fandom is really powerful, and respectful. I find it Miraculous.

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