Miraculous Ladybug season 2 interview with Winny - co-director on Miraculous

New interview with Winny (Wilfried Pain) - co-director on Miraculous Ladybug

Serena: Okay let’s do this!! I have a bunch of questions.

During the Process of Season 2, were there certain challenges in creating certain scenes?
Winny: Hmm... Challenges? There are so many kinds of challenges, it's hard to tell, in fact, I think there is one challenge by episode. At least. ^^
For example with The Collector: The battle between Cat Noir/Ladybug and The Collector was a huge technical challenge. I wanted it to be really impressive. But the real challenge was the scene on the school roof between Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Serena: Like the movements and action?
Winny: Exactly. It's mostly technical, but emotionally, Cat Noir’s reaction on the School roof was a lot harder for me. With Ladybug telling him that Gabriel is perhaps Hawk Moth, and not realizing she’s talking to his son...
Serena: That is true, it’s an emotional ride for him, and he wants to doubt it all.
Winny: So with this kind of scene, for me that is, are always the most challenging. I could talk about Glaciator, except I can't… yet. ^^
But there is a kind of Challenge in it too.
Serena: So I am guessing that we will have yet another hard plot line slammed into Glaciator, am I correct? Meaning it’ll be another emotional challenge for Adrien as Chat Noir for this episode??
Winny: No, not quite, it’ll be on another level. But yes, it'll again be a very hard and emotional scene for our characters.
I will not say anymore, because there is already so much out. But, really, I worked hard on it, and I just recently saw it again : It’s going to crush some hearts for sure.
Serena: I feel so bad for everyone just imagining it. However, I did need this angst related plot to come in, so I am extra excited now!!
Time for the next question!!
How does it feel that Miraculous is officially 2 years old from the release of the first episode?
Winny: Thanks for reminding me that I'm already very old...
Serena: I’M SORRY!!
Winny: On a more serious note, yeah it's been already 4 years of hard work. I can't thank Thomas enough for letting me be a part of this story. The best part is still, and always will be, you, all the fans around the world.
Seriously... I can't emphasize this enough, but I will have quite a long time ago without the support of everyone around the globe. Thanks to all of you. Your love is more than the energy of the show, it’s a part of it.

Serena: I’m so glad to hear that! I know the fans adore you, Thomas, and the whole entire team with the show. So I’m glad we can be your energy and enlighten you guys.
Winny: Maybe one day, we can write a book about all this, and you all will understand the backstage and the war that is at stake everyday. For now, let's say that I know you're all waiting, and I'm sorry, but we also want it to be as perfect as possible.
Serena: Which is absolutely fine, you guys have been working extremely hard. I know some fans out there can be impatient, but the process you guys go through, along with stress, is a large challenge. We appreciate everything. So keep kicking butt behind the scenes. And if you do write a book about that, I’d love to read it all!
Winny: It could be a dictionary to tell you the truth. ^^
Serena: Haha that’s fine by me.
Alright to the next question, I got pretty creative last night with all of these.
What can you say about the balcony scene, with no spoilers of course, that’ll express how the fans will react and feel?
Miraculous Ladybug season 2 interview with Winny - co-director on Miraculous

I don't know if you can translate this...

Serena: Runnnn FORREST... RUN!!!!!
Winny: Let's not take any risks, let’s say: it will be romantic.
Serena: Oh so we are going to be getting a very romantic moment between Marinette and Chat Noir... My dream has come true!!
Winny: Exactly. I don't know if it's a dream for everyone, because I know each one of you have already taken a side, but still, it will be a romantic scene leading to something... heartful.
I will say no more , it's already too much.
Serena: That’s enough even for me. I am absolutely excited!!
On to the next question.
With newer characters getting introduced, have you gained any new favorites?

Winny: Nope... I'm only on Chloe's side, everyone knows it, and I'm faithful. I also know that I'm not getting any friend out of it, but still, Chloe is a strong character, and I like strong Character.
Serena: I absolutely agree. I love Chloe, and I know not many expect a lot from her, but she is the definition of strong.
Winny: Strong characters are like onions. (Note from Serena: This is a Shrek reference.) Keep this note it’s funny ^^
Serena: Truth!!
Winny: But it's true that there are a lot of new Characters. I particularly love Juleka’s mother. You will meet her soon.
Serena: Is Juleka’s mother going to be introduced the same episode as Luka?
Winny: Hmm... maybe... maybe not. Who knows. But I'm sure everyone will love her. She is the mother everyone wants, except when it's yours, If you know what I mean.

Serena: I do!! I can’t wait to meet her now.
Next question.
I have been meaning to ask, but will your drums and kisses episode be approaching us soon?
Winny: Ah!!! Yes!!! Soon. I'm very proud of it. It’ll be nearly perfect. Nothing is ever perfect, so I have to be honest here.
Serena: Truthfully. However, everyone has been really excited for over a year ever since the last interview. So knowing you, I expect it to be pretty spots on. ;D

Winny: The animation stage is done, so I'm not taking any risks here saying that. However, SAMG was on it, and they did a really great job. Particularly on Chloe... she is… well she’s Chloe. Like, I like her, and I know most of you hate her.
Serena: That is true. I’ll probably be expecting this to be another Chloe episode I’ll favor.
Winny: It's not a scoop anymore, but Chloe has an important role in season 2. This episode is a first step, it will be where we’ll start to learn more about her.

Serena: The episode I have been waiting for!!

Alright on to the next questions!! (Which is a Chloe one)

Can you explain a little on Queen B’s weapon of choice?
Winny: Queen B's weapon? How does it work you mean?
Serena: Yes!
Winny: Oh. it's a spinning top, as you know, so it’ll mostly work the same as Ladybug's yoyo. She can fight, protect herself, and even travel with it. For example: she can ride on it, or, get pulled by it. As for her super power, I have to keep that a secret, however, the top is part of it. She can use it a certain way; to do a certain thing… and then after that, she has to run away quickly before transforming back.

Serena: So her fighting skills will still be a little unique toward her character!!
Winny: No the power will always be linked to the miraculous... not to its’ owner. So the special power will be the same as for any owner, nothing special about Chloe.
Serena: Well true, but I meant her character will still play out with how she uses the power.
Winny: Oh of course
Serena: I will definitely look forward then!!
Winny: It is an understatement to say this: the costume will always, in some sort of way be a catalyst to the personality of its’ owner.
Serena: Ohhhh!!
Winny: So… knowing Chloe... having a miraculous and all... let’s just say she’ll be showing off a lot.
Serena: A complete show off at that.
Alright to the next question!
Will we see anymore anime related references in future episodes?

Winny: To be honest, we always try to avoid that. Sometimes we can't help ourselves, and okay, yes there is some clear references (ex: Gamer), but most of the time it's more of an inspiration.
When you go see a Star Wars movie, you’ll want to see a Star Wars universe, however, if a character starts to drink a Coca Cola... You're out. It's the same here, we don't want to do the otherwise. But sometimes, when it's not too intrusive, and when it's appropriate, we’ll use it. Some villains carries the reference with them ...
Serena: That makes senses.
Winny: But references are large here. Sometimes it's a movie, or sometimes it’ll be a monster. In season 2, I don't recall any precise "anime" references, however, in season 3 there is an episode. One that is about theater... and in this one, there will be a game of anime references.
But there’s no more reference in it, because it's completely part of the story.
Serena: I’m highly ready to see the encounter of this episode and the final animation. This already sounds exciting, along with the actual plot.

Next questions !!

Will we get to see any sort of malfunctions with the Miraculous in future episodes? (ex: Unable to transform, Akumatized, etc.)
Winny: Well you already saw Dark Owl, so that makes one. But yes, there’ll be all kinds of new stuff with the Miraculous. And you already know about the new powers, so that makes another example.
For the rest…
Miraculous Ladybug season 2 interview with Winny - co-director on Miraculous

Serena: Alright alright.

Next Question.

I asked this before (approximately 2 years ago), but since we will be learning about the new Kwamis soon, do we get to learn what they eat to help charge themselves up in order to transform?
Winny: Yes you will.
Serena: I have been pretty patient on that one question.
Winny: I don't remember what I said at that time. ^^
Serena: You said you didn’t know at the time.
Winny: Mostly, it’ll all be in the book they took from Gabriel's office.
Serena: So we won’t learn about it officially until there is another discussion with Master Fu?
Winny: Exactly!! ^^
But you’ll know, since it's part of the story.
Serena: Glad to hear, cause I have been dying to know!!
Alright to the next question!!

Thomas hinted future Ladybug, will we also get hints of future Chat and the rest of the Miraculous holders?
Winny: Are you talking about the designs he shared?
Serena: Yes. I was curious on the other designs, and if he has them for the other Miraculous holders.
Winny: No, not that I'm aware of. I didn't see anything else other than that.
Serena: Alright. If he does end up making more design, the fans would love to see them. We had so many fans who were intrigued with just Ladybug’s design
Winny: I understand, but right now... that's it.
Serena: Alright.

To the next question!

We saw hints of younger Chloe and Adrien in Despair Bear, will we get to see their interactions within any flashbacks?

Winny: Flashback in a 3D show is very hard, due to it being very expensive. So, no, we can't afford the bill of making a complete 3D characters just for a flashback.
But there will be some backstories in a 2D art style, just like the one you already saw in The Collector. That we are able afford. ^^
Though I didn't say that the flashback will be about Chloe and Adrien. It may be a more important flashback. (Not that the backstory between Adrien and Chloe aren’t important.)
Serena: Ahh I see. Will it include focus on the Agreste family, or perhaps will there be a focus within the Dupain-Chengs?
Winny: Can't tell.
Serena: Of course.
That completely throws away the question on gaining knowledge on seeing the younger versions in 2D.
Winny: Indeed.
Alright to the next question. (I had to ask this one HAHAHA.)
As you have noticed, Nathanael and Chloe have been a recent favorite toward a good chunk of the fandom, will there be more interactions between the two?
Winny: I did not know that, no.
Serena: You didn’t?!
Winny: No, I was not aware of that.
Serena: It’s actually a huge ship within the fandom.
Winny: I have to say it's a surprise. I find it totally strange. How can Chloe be close to Nathanael? It's a real mystery. I have a picture in my head where she can, eventually, use him as a carpet or something like that.
Serena: More or less, we can kinda see that Nathan can hold his ground against her if he wanted to.
Winny: Honestly... No way. I know it will break some hearts, but still, you can use that idea in your own dreams, however, it will never happen.
Serena: I heard thousands of shattered hearts.
Winny: Me too. I had to close the window, thanks to my double glazing.
Serena: Oh noooo.
Winny: Do you want to know my idea?
Serena: Yes.

Winny: I shared it with Thomas, and I wanted Chloe to end up with Adrien.
Serena: WINNY!!!!
Winny: What?! He needs a strong woman more than anything and they both are from the same luxury world.
Forget thousands... Millions have just cracked.
Winny:They are childhood friends. You see, in anime, if the main character is by themselves… In all of them, the boy usually ends up with his childhood friend. That's all I have to say.
Serena: Not all of them. You need to read more Shoujos.
Winny: But everybody can calm down, Thomas didn't liked the idea.
(However, I work with him everyday, I can make him change his mind... maybe... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
Serena: HOW EVIL.
Winny: I read enough shoujos for one life, "pinky promise".

Serena: Maybe I should introduce more for the sake of the fans.
Winny: Alright... How many more? It's getting late, I'm old remember.
Serena: 4 more!! These should be easy.

Will we get a “date” episode?
Winny: You already had one in Gigantitan.
Miraculous Ladybug season 2 interview with Winny - co-director on Miraculous

Serena: So not even a slight hint maybe for Alya and Nino?
Winny: Nope. I've got nothing for you here, and even if I did, I won’t tell.
Serena: Okay okay.
Next questions haha.

I know I won’t have much luck on Mrs. Agreste’s direct name, however, will we learn about her name in this season?
Winny: I don't think. I'm thinking here... but no. However, there is still season 3 to record, so nothing is sure just yet.
Serena: Alright!!
Next question!
When can we suspect the new Miraculous holders to be introduced?
Winny: Oh, very soon now. I don't know about the broadcasting, as you know, but it's soon now. I think in the next 3 to 4 episodes.
Serena: Great!!!! I can’t wait !!!
Final and last question so you can sleep.

Will we learn about the birthdates of the characters? (since we have experienced both Adrien’s and Marinette’s birthdays in both season 1 and 2)
Winny: Alright, I have to say something about that.

First: No. There are no new birthdates info in season 2 or 3.

Second: I know that's a thing in anime world to have/make/give a full card with blood, class, and shoe size as well as everything else. I, myself, know that Asuka Soryu langley was born on December 4th, 2001. (Because I'm a fan on it too.)
But, really, that is not our thing. It's not that we don't want it, it's just that it's not important. We want to work on the story first. If the story needs it... then we will do it. But I don't think it will ever come.
Serena: Okay that makes a little more sense, if the company decides to create a bio book in the future, do you think that’ll be where it’ll get included? Just as a guess.
Winny: If anyone writes it... It’ll be Thomas. I don't think he will ever do it though.
One simple idea. Who says it's in our world? For all I know, the story can takes place in a parallel universe. Maybe they don't even have months here.
Serena: That is a fair idea to point out. So, it’s a placeable analyzing method.
Winny: Everything you add for free, is a path you block for free.
Serena: It just broadens the imagination for the fans.

Winny: I know that, I do, really. I just had to explain why so everyone can understand this point of view. I find it important, it's not like we don't think of it.
Serena: It’s all good. Thank you for the explanation and this should give them a better view. Winny thank you for letting me interview you again. This was a really fun interview~.
Winny: Cool. I had a great time, thank you.

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