Meet the Mysticons

Meet the Mysticons in these new official videos

Princess Arkayna Goodfey

She is Mysticon Dragonmage and a human princess of the Royal Family, daughter of Queen Goodfey, step-daughter of King Darrius, step-sister of Prince-then-King Gawayne.

Zarya Moonwolf

She is Mysticon Ranger, a human street orphan with a Robin Hood complex.

Piper Willowbrook

She is Mysticon Striker, an elven street orphan.

Emerald Goldenbraid

She is Mysticon Knight and a small town dwarf who was the Royal Griffin Wrangler and friend of Princess Arkayna Goodfey even prior to becoming a Mysticon.


He is the entitled, self-absorbed, self-centered, and self-important step-brother of Arkayna Goodfey, stepson of Queen Goodfey and son of King Darius.


Malvaron is one of the Astromancers, and the first of them to arrive after Queen Goodfey's summons.

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