Miraculous Ladybug 11 best moments from ZOMBIZOU

Watch and choose the best moment from the ZOMBIZOU ep. Will it be Chloe 's hug with Miss Bustier , or moment when Chloe and Cat Noir almost kissed? Or it will be Zombizou - Miss Bustier herself? She is so kind, and smart and she was trying to chase away Akuma, and resisting it.
We understand Chloe a little better now. We see she can and is learning from her mistakes. She’s learning to make amends. She’s a child, a child who has been deprived of some very important things and lessons in her life. She deserves the chance to redeem herself by learning these lessons.
We were given the full force of the wonderful woman that is Mme Bustier. This episode took a relatively minor, unimportant character and revealed her to be possibly one of the best characters in the show. We saw who she is to these kids, who she is to Adrien, to Chloe. We saw in her people from our own childhoods, which is why seeing her corrupted as she fought to protect Marinette struck such a blow.
We saw Chat Noir corrupted again, yes, but for the first time…he, with full knowledge of what would become of him, intentionally allowed it to happen. He chose to sacrifice himself to protect Chloe and give Ladybug the best chance at saving them all.
We got to see Marinette grow as a person, too. She forgave Chloe, she learned an important lesson, and she’s giving her a chance. Which now leads us to believe she will be the one to chose Chloe for the Miraculous following the lesson she learned here.

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