Carmen Sandiego 2019 opening

Character Carmen Sandiego grew out of a computer game, invented back in 1983 at Broderbund Studios. The game was so popular and interesting that later it was “transferred” to other platforms - consoles and phones. The goal of this educational game is to expose Carmen’s clever thief who dashes through the world at the speed of light. Players become part of the global organization of detectives, the best agent of which had previously been Carmen herself. To track down the legendary thief, you need to be well-versed in geography, politics and economics, because it is the right answers to questions on these topics make it possible to advance in Carmen's search.
In the new cartoon series, beautiful, agile, attractive Carmen begins a new mission and steals valuables from other thieves. The cartoon is made in the good old 2D-drawing in a slightly angular style, so popular now for the Disney and Netflix animated series.

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