Fly to my heart - new song from Winx Club season 8 (Watch VIDEOCLIP)

Watch new clip and listen to the new song from the Winx Club season 8 series. It is called "Fly to my heart"
In the clip you can seee Winx in their new concert outfits from season 8.

Fly to my heart Lyrics:
Fly to my heart (heart)
Fly to my heart (heart)
Fly to my heart (heart)
You're my favorite star I got lost along the way.
I was fading into gray.
Needed just the reason why.
But now I'm ready to fly
Cause you're by my side.
You're the star that shines in me.
You're the one that sets me free.
No more saddness no more cry.
You're the smile in my life.
The spark in my eyes.
Like a shooting star.
Fly right to my heart.
Even in the darkest night.
I'm gonna see your light.
Fly to my heart (heart)
And let the magic start
Fly to my heart (heart)
You're my favorite star.
Fly to my heart.

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