Snowflake of Frozen 2 movie is not snowflake, it's a most likely is vegvisir - runic compass

In Disney's Frozen 2 movie we have this main simbol, we saw on first poster

Disney frozen 2 vegvisirDisney frozen 2 vegvisir

First of all, it served as a starting point for the theory of the 4 elements in the Frozen II movie.
And secondly, it probably plays a more important role.

Some viewers have already noticed that it looks like a stylized vegvisir - old runic compass.
Disney frozen 2 vegvisir

The Vegvisir is one of the oldest and most sacred symbols of Norway, and originally it came from Iceland, where "Vegur" means "road or way" and "Vizir" means "Guide". Therefore, a vestibule is a sign of the way.

It was believed that the device showed the way home and protected sailors and their ships from storms. The Vegvisir was like a pointer to help its owner return home. The Norwegians believed that the Vegvisir had special abilities, and it was treated as a talisman for good luck, protection and blessing. This powerful amulet can help a person to find the right way in storms or bad weather in any unfamiliar environment with which the holder can meet.
Disney frozen 2 vegvisir

In addition, he played an important role for people who believe and do magic. Being a spiritual compass, this magic device guides your heart and steps to make the right choice in life. If you have lost yourself and your faith, this sacred symbol will help to regain confidence.

The true power of the Vegvisir is hidden in each of its 8 rays, which have different types of protection against many kinds of obstacles that can make you lose your way.
Snowflake of Frozen 2 movie is not snowflake, it's a most likely is vegvisir - runic compass

Taking into account all these references to Elsa at sea and her relationship to Nokk it could be true Vegvisir.

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