Pullip Minervah - the owl-like doll

Groove introducing it's new an owl-like Pullip doll Minervah. Pullip Minervah is a new collector doll, that will be released in October 2020.
Pullip Minervah 2020

The skirt and headpiece of the doll are decorated with feathers.
Pullip Minervah doll

However, it is nailed to the softness and lightness that does not make you feel gravity.
Outfit looks like a one-piece but it is a separate top and bottom.
Pullip Minervah

Beaded glittering bustier integrated with choker. Two more fluffy skirts are stacked.
Pullip Minervah

The hair of Pullip Minervah has a stylish ash color with a slight green tinge.
Super long, which exceeds the doll height.
Pullip Minervah

A clear, thick makeup. The design inspired by the concept owl bird.
Pullip Minervah

Official price: ¥21,000 (over $195)

Serach for new Pullip dolls on Ebay. (As an eBay Partner, we may be compensated if you make a purchase)

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