Bratz dolls are coming back in 2021

Update, new Bratz dolls will be released in August 2021.
Bratz dolls are about to return. The official website of Bratz last week updated its design, removing all information about Collector 2018 collection. Now on the site appeared a beautiful video with changing pictures of the dolls and the inscription "Coming Soon".
Bratz coming back in 2021

But this is not quite as soon as we would like it to be. With a 99% probability we can say that Bratz dolls will return in 2021. Isaac himself did answer the questions about Bratz release a few months ago.
Bratz dolls are coming back in 2021

In any case, changes on the official website are the best confirmation of all rumors and teasers. Bratz will return sooner or later!
And judging by some available information, teasers and answers of official accounts in social networks Bratz brand will return in full glory with fashion dolls new animated videos and more.
We follow all the news and will let you know as soon as we learn something new about the first dolls in the new Bratz 2021 collections!
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