Monster High reboot 2021 fake or not?

Important update! Now official - Monster High coming back with Animated Series and Live-Action Movie on Nickelodeon in 2022!
Follow the link and read the news, Monster High is now officially back in 2022!

This part below was written before official announcement on 23 February 2021. For up-to-date information, click on the first link at the top of the news or here.
Today monsterhighorigins posted this picture on reddit with the caption "the next reboot of Monster high will feauture the ghouls before they were monsters for 2021 starting with the story of Frankie Stein".
The Internet was very excited about the news. And the question is it fake or not
This is what the author of the post wrote a few hours later.
Monster High reboot 2021 fake or not?

He say that the “human before monsters” plot thing is fake, but the doll images are still unconfirmed, they can still be true.

Interestingly, there were several reasons why many took the news seriously. (And even we do)

First of all this photo looks a lot like a classic prototype. A lot of photos that look like this were perceived as fake, but then it turned out that they were actually prototypes.
Second important fact is that there is one more image of the "reboot Monster High" doll and Barbie dolls that are surrounding doll on this photo are rumored to be prototypes for new Barbie Signature Pink Collection 2021 (still rumors but from other reliable sources).

Third and most important. We already wrote a news Mattel's designer teases come back of Monster High dolls.
And one way or another, Mattel's preparing something for us related to Monster High. We just don't know what yet. Whether it's gonna be new collector dolls or something more.
Anyway, we really hope that Mattel will appreciate all the interest in the Monster High brand and bring that brand back to life. The audience is ready for Monster High return!
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