Barbie Vera Wang 2021 collector doll

Meet new collector Barbie Vera Wang doll 2021 in wedding dress!

First Barbie Vera Wang was released in 1998.
Barbie Vera Wang 2021 collector doll

Latest addition to the Barbie Vera Wang collection was made in 2011 with Vera Wang Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie doll. Based on the celebrated "Dovima" gown, it features a flattering strapless bodice and mermaid-style waist, flowering into a full skirt.

And now, in 2021, we are waiting for the release of a new Barbie doll in a gorgeous wedding dress from the famous designer.
So far, there is no information about this doll, promo photos are not available either. As soon as we know the price, release date and other information we will update the news immediately.
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