Rainbow High Custom Dolls 2022

Customizing Dolls is the latest craze, and now Rainbow High is making this trend accessible to you in 2 simple and elevated sets! Introducing 6 new Rainbow High Fashion Dolls in premium quality.
White luxurious hair and fashions that are easily dyeable from head to toe.
Two sets of 3 dolls for a total of 6 dolls.
Each set is paired with 4 premium grade dyes so you can customize just like the professionals! Total of 8 bottles that you can blend together to make an endless rainbow of color options. Make them one of a kind and let your true colors shine!

There will be two versions of the set - in warm tones and in cool tones.

Rainbow High Custom Dolls 3-pack warm tones

Rainbow High Custom Dolls 3-pack cold tones

Price for the set of 3 dolls: 89.99$
Release date: October 2022

Features & details:

6 new Rainbow High Fashion Dolls: each with varied face sculpts,
eye colors, and hair texture.

Each Fashion Doll has white, long, layered brushable
gorgeous rooted hair, easy to dye and customize.

Fashion Dolls are Rainbow High quality with gorgeous
glass eyes, real lashes, luxurious hair, and 17 points of

More info coming soon.
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