New poseable dolls Incredibles 2 from Jakks Pacific

The Incredibles 2 toy line will be its main for Jakks Pacific this year. The company had a lot of great products for the highly anticipated sequel. But in this video we will stop on the action doll line with Elastigirl, Mr.Incredible, Baby Jack, Violet and Edna.
Edna action doll stands 6 inches tall, Elastigirl , Mr. Incredible, Violet stands 11 inches tall. Dolls of Incredibles family members are fully articulated and have removable face masks.

Links on amazon:
Incredibles 2 Elastigirl doll
Incredibles 2 Mr.Incredible + Baby Jack doll
Incredibles 2 Violet doll
Incredibles 2 Edna doll
Incredibles 2 Jack Attacks Plush doll

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