Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel’s movie 2023 Sisters names, magic abilities and appearance

Did you know that Ariel's sisters from new live action The Little Mermaid movie 2023 will have different names from what they got in animated movie.
In Disney's animated cartoon version all Ariel's sisters names began with the letter “A”: Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina and Ariel.
In live action movie with Halle Bailey only Ariel will have her past name, all the other mermaids got new, but no less beautiful names: Mala, Indira, Caspia, Tamika, Perla and Karina.

Daughters of Triton and the seas they rule on the map
Daughters of Triton and the seas they rule on the map

First look at live action Ariel’s sisters:
Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel’s sisters picture
Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel’s sisters picture

Ariel and her sisters in 2023 movie according to The Little Mermaid: Guide to Merfolk book (You can get it here:

Ariel (Halle Bailey)
She is the most sensitive, with a tender and loving heart. She has a fascination for the human world and collects trinkets from shipwrecks.
She rules the Carinae Sea. The waters are warm and crystal clear. She rules with a captivating kindness and is loved. She is revered for her wonderful and striking voice and curiosity. She believes in the power of unity and sees the best in her people.

Mala (Karolina Conchet)
She is the most fearless of her sisters, committed to protecting the reefs at any cost. She hates shipwrecks, they pollute her ocean and leave a havoc on the seashore.
She rules the Chaine Sea. The waters are filled with islands, shallows, and islets. She is a strong leader, intrepid, and loved by all for her sense of humor. She has sent messages on seaweed scrolls to humans before her father forbade such interactions.

Culture of the Chaine Sea, ruled by Mala:
Chaine Sea mermaids

The inhabitants are skilled in opera and acrobatics. They celebrate mid-autumn by spending time with family and celebrate the beginning of spring by riding sea horses.
At the Sponge Moon festival they revitalize their spirits, and at the Salmon Sun for renewal. They compliment each other by doing a backflip. Blowing bubbles is considered a sign of gratitude, while pointing at the fin is considered inconsiderate. On holidays, the inhabitants sing opera while wearing coral jewelry. They usually end any event with a meal of fresh clams. Mala commands inside a watchtower.

Karina (Kajsa Mohammar)
She is strong, the most decisive of her sisters, and with strong intuition. She is very afraid of humans and is a great protector of seals.She rules the Saithe Sea. The waters are typically clothed in ice. She is the most reclusive. She is very talented with animals and often works closely with the native creatures of her land to make decisions that benefit all beings there.

Culture of the Saithe Sea, ruled by Karina:
In the old days the inhabitants used to put their heads through ice holes to talk to humans. They rejoice when snow falls through the holes in the ice. Superstitions include a sea angel landing on the palm of their hand, considered a sign of good luck, and it is traditional to collect piles of perfectly nested shells. One celebration is the Slug Sun Festival, where the Mermen chase a Fire Fish that makes a wish for the winner. They greet each other with 6 kisses on the cheek. Whistling is considered discourteous. On holidays, they dance under a layer of ice glowing with the lights of the aurora borealis, while young people carve on the ice below.

Indira (Simone Ashley)
She is the most generous of all, leading with empathy, kindness and goodness. She has already saved her subjects from a giant poisonous sea snake.
It rules the Brinedive Sea. The waters of the gulf are shallow, sunny, and warm. Indira is skilled at diplomacy, working well with the ministers of her court. She is well informed about her kingdom and others, she is also an excellent debater.
Indira mermaid movie Ariel Little Mermaid

Brinedive Sea Culture, ruled by Indira:
The inhabitants create clouds of dust by stirring up the sea floor to disorient any threats, such as reef sharks or barracudas. The sea fern is sacred to them.

They greet each other by waving their fins while maintaining eye contact. All meals end in mussels. On holidays they sing whale songs. If they sing well, a whale will hear the song from afar and sing back.

Perla (Lorena Andrea)
She is the most charismatic of all the sisters, radiating warmth and kindness. It is said that she once charmed and stopped a group of hungry orcas from attacking a colony of penguins.
It rules the Piton Sea. The waters are temperate and very deep, it lies off the cartographic coast. Perla rules with good temperament, is very careful with her choices, and puts decisions to a vote to keep the peace.

Piton Sea Culture, ruled by Perla:
The inhabitants ride elephant seals for sport and value music played on instruments such as maracas filled with shells. They also enjoy playing hide-and-seek and kelp-dancing a form of water dance similar to human trapeze artists. At Clam Moon, they compete with each other through hoops under the pale light. They greet each other by singing a sequence of notes and the other repeats.

Tamika (Sienna Who)
She is powerful, the most tactical of her sisters, ruling with an iron fin. Some say she fought a tiger shark into submission before learning to swim.
She rules the Fracus Sea. The waters are clear and sunlit, teeming with vibrant fish and coral. She has admirable strength and grace, a fierce ruler, very wise and strong as a warrior. She knows the currents and the winds very well.

Culture of the Fracus Sea, ruled by Tamika:
The inhabitants are known for using their environment to create unique objects, such as darts created from sharp coral that they throw at circular targets for sport.

Gift giving is highly valued in this community. At Fluke Moon, they hang decorative ornaments from coral wires and at Lamprey Sun, they hold hands at sunset to make their shadow below resemble the sun. A gift must be refused 9 times before it is accepted, and compliments should always be received with modesty. They greet each other by wrapping a stream of water in a kind of watery embrace. On holidays, they eat oyster stew and sing while planting seaweed on large stone monoliths at the bottom of the sea.

Caspia (Nathalie Sorrell)
She is the most selfless of all her sisters, serving her people first, then leading. She is said to be a bit of a recluse, traveling only for meetings.
She rules Apneic Sea. It is an inland Sea between Euporia and Saas. The waters are brackish and murky, with rocky islands and sometimes ice. Caspia is very protective of the corals and makes many laws to ensure that they thrive in her kingdom.

Apneic Sea culture, ruled by Caspia:
The inhabitants there value punctuality and are highly superstitious. They believe it is bad luck to swim with your back to another mermaid. They tie soft corals with seagrass to manifest marriage. On the first day of summer, they rub mud on their fins for success. For the same effect, they stay up all night on the first day of winter. For sport, they draw artistic shapes in the sand and tell stories to entertain the younger ones with tales of good versus evil. They greet each other by rubbing their scales against each other.
They sing to calm the restless babies.

First official illustration showing the look of the Queen of the Sea, wife of King Triton and mother of the Ariel and her sisters, in the live-action 'The Little Mermaid'!
Ariel mother live action movie 2023

And now thanks to the Little mermaid movie dolls that been revealed, we can make a post for you so you can distinguish Ariel's sisters and learn their names.

Mermaid Karina (played by Kajsa Mohammar)

Mermaid Karina (played by Kajsa Mohammar)

Mermaid Tameka (played by Sienna King)
Mermaid Tameka (played by Sienna King)

Mermaid Indira (played by Simone Ashley)
Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel’s movie 2023 Sisters names, magic abilities and appearance

Mermaid Perla (played by Lorena Andrea)
Ariel’s movie 2023 Sisters Perla

Mermaid Mala (played by Karolina Conchet)
Mermaid Mala (played by Karolina Conchet)

Mermaid Caspia (played by Nathalie Sorrell)

Mermaid Caspia (played by Nathalie Sorrell)

Thanks pquenasereiabr for pictures.

Known abilities from Live Action Ariel Little Mermaid movie books:
Perla can paralyze everything within a certain radius.

India can heat the temperatures around her to a boil.

Caspia can temporarily shrink anything or anyone with just a

Mala could lull the most restless sea creature to sleep with a single note.

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