Medicom will release three new Grogu The Child Baby Yoda figures

Three new Grogu The Child Baby Yoda figures will be added to the UDF Mandalorian (Ultra Detail Figure) lineup from Medicom.

UDF Mandalorian: Grogu with Drink

Here he's holding a bowl of bone broth (or coffee, it's up to you, really) to sip.
Medicom Mandalorian: Grogu with Drink

UDF Mandalorian: Grogu with Ball

Here he's holding his favorite toy, the round silver knob from the Mandalorian's spaceship cockpit.
Medicom Mandalorian: Grogu with Ball

UDF Mandalorian: Grogu Look-Up

Here he's looking up at something in wonder, with his ears tilted down a bit.
Medicom Mandalorian: Grogu Look-Up

Price: $12.25
Release Date: Jul 2021
Figure Size: About 7cm tall

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