Calico Critters Limited Edition Costume Cuties - Bunny and Birdie, Veggie Babies

Meet cutest Calico Critters Limited Edition set of two figures - Calico Critters Costume Cuties - Bunny & Birdie. And Calico Critters Veggie Babies set.
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Calico Critters Costume Cuties Limited Edition Playset with Figures and Costume Accessories.
Includes 2 poseable Calico Critters baby figures and two themed costumes.
Baby figure styles are the Chiffon Dog Baby in white bunny costume and Toy Poodle baby in the blue bird costume.
Costumes are removeable and compatible with other baby size figures from Calico Critters.

Calico Critters Veggie Babies

You can get it here:

Includes 3 poseable Calico Critters baby figures and three garden themed costumes.

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