Littlest Pet Shop toys are back - new gen 7 toys from BasicFun 2024

Littlest Pet Shop toys are finally coming back with new reboot toys from BasicFun in 2024. Toys are available now for preorder!

New Littlest Pet Shop, 18 Pets Collector Set (no repeats)

You can get it here:

Collectors from UK can get it here:

Collectors from Europe can get it here:

New Littlest Pet Shop, 18 Pets Collector Set (no repeats)
New Littlest Pet Shop, 18 Pets Collector Set (no repeats)

ntroducing LPS Generation 7: A new generation of Littlest Pet Shop has arrived; Series 1, Generation 7 is here! Kickstart your collection with the 18 Pets Collector set in CDU. This CDU contains 18 Pet Surprise boxes, plus a pet on display! Each surprise box includes 1 unique bobblin' head pet, 1 cute accessory, 1 collector’s card, 1 virtual code, and 1 collector’s guide. (Pets #1 to #18)
Discover your new pets: LPS pets are 2” tall collectible figures with bobblin’ heads. Use the collector card to discover each adorable pet, its unique personality, breed, and rarity level.
Collect them all: Unwrap the excitement with LPS Generation 7! Each surprise box in Series 1 brings a new bobblin' head pet into your world, complete with a cute accessory, a collector card, a special virtual code, and a guide to track your collection. Embark on a journey to gather all 18 unique pets from Series 1 of Generation 7 and create your own vibrant Littlest Pet Shop universe!
Virtual Play: Join our virtual play experience! With the code on your coin, you can unlock unique surprises, including virtual pets. Scan the QR code on our packaging or on the back of the collector card to learn more!

New Littlest Pet Shop Collector Set Farm Besties Theme

You can get it here:

New Littlest Pet Shop Collector Set Farm Besties Theme

Farm Besties Collector’s Set: Littlest Pet Shop, Collector Set offers 2 unique themes. Meet our Farm besties, pets #56 to #60. Run around with rooster, goat, and the rest of the crew!

New Littlest Pet Shop Pets Got Talent Play Set

You can get it here:

Pets Got Talent Playset: Frenchie (#67) and Bird (#66) are ready for a talent show. This adorable playset features a large stage, a bird perch, a skateboard that slides across a tightrope, and a rotating platform. Your pets can swing, slide, and jump through hoops! Show off their tricks and twirls because there's a trophy too.

New Littlest Pet Shop gen 7 Safari Play Pack set

You can get it here:

Safari Adventure: Join Rhino (#55), Giraffe (#53) and Monkey (#54) as they explore the jungle in their jeep, conquer sand dunes, and spot new pet pals on their awesome safari adventure.

Littlest Pet Shop gen 7 Collector Set, Beach Besties Theme

You can get it here:

New Littlest Pet Shop 2024

Launching in January 2024, there will be blind boxes, collectible packs with 3-packs.
Pets Got Talent Pet Set and Fun Factor Playset coming in January 2024 too. Collector set includes 5 LPS, accessories, and a virtual code for LPS Roblox game. There is also Roblox experience to unlock as well.
There will not only just be new designs but completely new molds, including axolotl and fishes.

Overall there will be over 140 new pets to collect worldwide. And re-releases of older pets too in addition to the new designs.

BasicFun Booth from Toy Fair 2023.

A first look at the packaging! It looks to be Singles packs, Pet Pairs, Tubes, and Blind Boxes!
The blind box display case says, "18 pets! No Repeats." Having no-repeat blind boxes is something a lot of collectors have voiced the desire for.
A wide variety of pet species and colors! Some have fresh new designs, while others appear to be a throwback to some of the original G2 pets. Can you spot the brand new axolotl mold?
It looks like a lot of the molds are leaning towards the 2010-2012 (pre-TV show of course) molds, as ones like the cat, bull, wolf, and sharks originally debuted towards the latter half of G2.
Accessories! Many seem to be faithful to the originals, but it also looks like there's some new ones too.
LPS collector cards, new checklists, some type of coin or token, and personality icons!
There also appears to be four "levels" to the packs–single pets, pet pairs, playpacks, postcard pets, and even a full playset!

Thanks to the-littlest-pet-shop-wikia!

New Littlest Pet Shop toys will come with collector cards. Numbering system starts over with this reboot.

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