Poppy finally gets episode about her in Rainbow High series ep "A Dorm With A View"

New Rainbow High episode about Poppy's homesick. It's good when friends understand that you might miss home, and support you in your time of need.
All of the girls got something in the mail from their parents/related to their home. Poppy got a picture of her home beach. And it made her homesick, constantly watching the same video of the sea sunset and the sound of the surf. Noticing this at one of the training sessions, the girls decide to cheer Poppy up, and with all the gifts they've been sent, they recreate a mini beach in their dorm (with a picture of Poppy's home beach on the wall and a sea air freshener (how cute xd). Poppy is getting better and she admits to being even a little embarrassed by her homesickness, but the girls assure that everyone misses their families and homes. Poppy realizes that even though she misses them, she wants to be together with her friends at Rainbow High more than anywhere else.

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