Rainbow High Fashion Dorm House playset

Rainbow High dolls will get their own house playset - the Rainbow High Fashion Dorm House playset coming in 2021.
3 story dormitory with 360° play.
Rooms include Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom and bedroom featuring all the essentials. Playset has working elevator. Real working shower & sink – pumps real water!
Hot tub fits 4 Rainbow High dolls and has working bubble effects.
Also comes with doll sized makeup palettes, sketch books, laptop, coffee cups, water bottles & much more.
Rainbow High doll house 2021

Price: $199.99
Release date: August 2021
House is made from real wood. 4ft tall and 3 ft wide.
In the Rainbow High animated series, every student that is lucky enough to get into Rainbow High, lives in this fabulous Fashion Dorm House. The Fashion Dorm House features a working elevator, bathroom with working shower and sink, hot tub and dryer. And comes with our artistic students’ must-have accessories (make-up palettes, laptops, dishes, and more).

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