Rainbow High Jett Dawson new special edition doll

MGA teases new special edition doll - Rainbow High Jett Dawson. You can find this teaser in video below. This is official Rainbow High Vlog that was posted on January 31.
Update: Jett Dawson is confirmed to be new Rainbow High collector doll. Find more details about it here: Rainbow High Collector Edition Jett Dawson doll 2021

Rainbow High Jett Dawson doll
Rainbow High Jett Dawson doll

From what we can see this girl has only part of her hair colored in rainbow, and she she wears black and white clothes. With such design Jett Dawson could be the doll that will come with Rainbow High Chamber playset.

This could be a hint to the release date of Rainbow High Jett Dawson doll. It is likely that it will be released in June 2021.
Rainbow High Jett Dawson release date

Rainbow High Vlog with Jett Dawson teaser
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