Mermaid High animated series season 1

All episodes of Mermaid High animated series season 1, in order from newest to first.

Mermaid High episode 12

No human has ever seen where a mermaid lives. But that’s about to change! The merfriends surprise Cora with a special sea mask and invite her under the sea to visit their seacret hideout. What will Cora find when she’s inside the mermaid grotto!?

Mermaid High episode 11

h20MG! Are the merfriends dead in the water!? Catalina and Devin dumped water on Searra and exposed her mermaid seacret identity to every student at Mermaid High. Now it’s up to the Cora and the merfriends to convince everyone it was an illusion. Buuut, will the other mermaids accidentally reveal their secret identity too!?

Mermaid High episode 10

Oh… my… cod. This is the most shocking mermaid moment of all time. Sea-riously, you’re not going to believe what happens. Searra plans the perfect Winter Fest party for Mermaid High but Devin and Catalina have plans of their own… revenge.

Mermaid High episode 9

It’s the showdown you’ve been waiting for: Searra Vs Catalina. Who will win a spot on Student Council? The merfriends pull out all the stops at a Mermaid High beach party to convince everyone to vote for Searra… but who will win!?

Mermaid High episode 8

We got election drama, Merfriends! Searra is determined to win Student Council, but Catalina and Dev have other plans, sparking a bitter feud as campaign fever sets in. Who will you vote for!?

Mermaid High episode 7

Get ready for the glass-shattering drama of Mermaid Karaoke – or Mer-a-oke! X invites Finley and the girls to after school karaoke in the cafeteria. But when Mari’s high-pitched siren call shatters glass, Cora and the MFF’s must do damage control as water explodes everywhere.

Mermaid High episode 6

Surf’s up! Coach Nami catches a glimpse of Oceanna’s lightning-fast speed and forces Oceanna to join the MH surf team for the Jaws Surf Competition. And when Oceanna catches the ultimate wave and Josh’s eye, Catalina lose her balance - and her mind.

Mermaid High episode 5

Mermaid High episode 4

Mermaid High episode 3

Mermaid High episode 2

Mermaid High episode 1

Mermaid High is a new brand of fashion dolls from Spin Master. Along with new doll release in October we will get a brand new Mermaid High animated series!
Premieres October 23rd 2021

This animated series will tell us the story of four mermaid friends Finly, Searra, Oceanna and Mari, who decide to go on land to meet new adventures.

Mermaid High Finly
Mermaid High Finly
Mermaid High Finly

Mermaid Oceanna
Mermaid Oceanna
Mermaid Oceanna

Mermaid High Searra
Mermaid High Searra
Mermaid High Searra

Mermaid High Mari
Mermaid High Mari
Mermaid High Mari

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