LOL Surprise House of Surprises season 2 animated series

LOL Surprise House of Surprises episodes are back with season 2!

Episode 12

Episode 11

LOL OMG SUnshine Makeover animated characters first appearance

Episode 10

Episode 9

Episode 8

Episode 7

The Great Mall-A-Thon! Part 3 Episode 6

The Great Mall-A-Thon! Part 2 Episode 5

The girls pair up to better their chances of winning Queen Bee's Mall-A-Thon! Neonlicious and Miss Glam join forces to create one stylish boutique, Roller Chick steps in to help Candylicious with her thriving donut stand, and Alt Grrrl asks Swag for help, too. Who will win the most coins in the great Mall-A-Thon? Watch to find out!

The Great Mall-A-Thon! Part 1 Episode 4
Boba Tea and Kittens? Full makeover at the salon? Or how about a fresh outfit at B.B. Boutique? You can get all that and more at the Mall of Surprises!
Alt Grrrl, Miss Glam, and Neonlicious are psyched to participate in Queen Bee’s Mall-A-Thon, to raise money for a new community space. But when these BB’s turn the Mall-A-Thon into a fierce competition, it’s anyone’s game to see who has the most popular store in the Mall of Surprises!

Mall Mayhem! Episode 3
The lights are out at the Mall of Surprises, will the show go on??
Lady Diva and Neonlicious are preparing for their upcoming show but the mall has gone dark! Will Prince Bee be able to save the mall? Will Lady Diva and Neonlicious be able to perform?

Mall Catastrophe! House of Surprises Season 2 Episode 2

To prepare for the concert event of the year, Prince Bee is fulfilling Lady Diva and Neonlicious's every request to style the mall for their show. Lady Diva and Neonlicious may know how to plan an awesome concert, but they don’t know how to make it fit inside the mall! Meanwhile, Royal Bee has serious artist's block! Will she be able to find her inner creativity? And will Prince Bee be able to make the mall work for everyone?

The Glitter City Mall! House of Surprises Season 2 Episode 1

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