Miraculous Ladybug Kwamis official bio images from Kwamis book: Symbol, Gender, Power, Personality and more

Kwamis bookKwamis book
Kwamis Book is a booklet that was in on of the subscription miraculous boxes from Zagstore. It has cute images of the Kwamis from the Miraculoud Ladybug series, and their official bio information like Symbol, Gender, Name, Holder, Codename, Transformation catch phrase, Invocation spell, Power, Weapon and Personality. And we would like to share with you the pages of this small book, especially since it contains very interesting information.
The main interesting fact is that in this book the gender of the kwamis is indicated, although previously the creators of the series stated that they are genderless.

Tikki bio in image
Kwamis book Tikki bioKwamis book Tikki bio
Symbol: Creation
Gender: Female
Power: Lucky oblect
Personality: Wise, responsible, naive

Plagg bio in image
Kwamis book Plagg bioKwamis book Plagg bio
Symbol: Destruction
Gender: Male
Power: Desctruction through contact
Personality: Lazy, unruly

Trixx bio in image
Kwamis book Trixx bioKwamis book Trixx bio
Symbol: Illusion
Gender: Male
Power: Creation of illusion
Personality: Cunning, manipulative, Individualistic

Wayzz bio in image
Kwamis book Wayzz bioKwamis book Wayzz bio
Symbol: Protection
Gender: Male
Power: Impassable forcefield
Personality: Worried, protective

Pollen bio in image
Kwamis book Pollen bioKwamis book Pollen bio
Symbol: Action
Gender: Female
Power: Paralysis
Personality: Obsequious, rational

Nooroo bio in image
Kwamis book Nooroo bioKwamis book Nooroo bio
Symbol: Transmission
Gender: Male
Power: Gift of powers
Personality: Generous, good teacher, chatty

Duusu bio in image
Kwamis book Duusu bioKwamis book Duusu bio

Symbol: Emotion
Gender: Male
Power: Emotion embodiment
Personality: Unstable, bipolar, extream reactions

Longg bio in image
Kwamis book Longg bioKwamis book Longg bio
Symbol: Perfection
Gender: Female
Power: Master the elements - transformation into Water/Wind/Lightning
Personality: Pure, ambitious, charismatic, impatient

Sass bio in image
Kwamis book Sass bioKwamis book Sass bio
Symbol: Intuition
Gender: Male
Object: Ouroboros bracelet
(The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake or serpent eating its own tail, variously signifying infinity and the cycle of birth and death.)
Power: Infinity back to starting point. Can only go back to the moment the power was first time triggered.
Personality: Misterious, humorous, philosophical, seducer

Fluff bio in image
Kwamis book Fluff bioKwamis book Fluff bio
Symbol: Evolution
Gender: Female
Power: Time travel
Personality: Social butterfly, pacifist, fearful

Kaalki bio in image
Kwamis book Fluff bioKwamis book Fluff bio
Symbol: Migration
Gender: Female
Power: Teleportation
Personality: Elegant, proud, pretentious, aristocrat

Huppu bio in image
Kwamis book Huppu bioKwamis book Huppu bio
Symbol: Derision
Gender: Male
Power: Disruption of others people's powers
Personality: Mischievous, teasing, concetted, liar

Source: papillon_mysterieux

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