Rainbow High Sparkle and Shine dolls 2024

Another new collection of Rainbow High dolls for 2024 is Rainbow High Sparkle and shine dolls, also known as Moonbows. This is a new type of color spectrum that only appears at night. These uniquely beautiful dolls have a striking distinguishing feature - their transparent legs are filled with mesmerizing liquid glitter! You can shake them up like a snow globe.
These dolls are like Shadow High dolls has not natural skin color (light pink, blue, orange and violet)
Main features:
4 dolls in the collection.
The set includes a doll in a cold-weather outfit with accessories.
Their feet are filled with mesmerizing liquid glitter; just shake them like a snow globe to see how all the glitter shimmers and slowly settles and slowly settle back down.
The dolls' outfits reflect their personality and signature color.
Accessories in the set include shoes, purse, sunglasses, headphones and more.
Long stitched hair in stylish hairstyles, comb included. 7 points of articulation.
To be updated!
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