HYDE fashion dolls

Important updated! HYDE isn's a doll brand yet. It's a project that is aimed for teens and YA.

And here is information about Hyde dolls so far:

Teaser image of the brand:
HYDE new collector dolls

Teaser images of main character's official art.
HYDE dolls teaser images
HYDE dolls teaser images
HYDE dolls teaser images

HYDE fashion dolls
HYDE fashion dolls

Brand representatives answered popular questions:
The doll manufacturer is an independent company based in Europe

The dolls will have different molds and skintones, in first wave there are 4 body types and 4 head molds

There will be boy dolls and lgbtq+ representatives

Character names and backstories:
- Brook Reed, a bored fashion critic
- William Akeno, a runway and editorial model
- Mei Pearl, fashion designer with a passion for technology.
- Zayn De Haaze, fashion stylist
Hyde dolls characters

Hyde dolls are 28/30 cm tall
The stands will go with the basic line of dolls
The development team is made up of enthusiasts and collectors; for an independent company, all processes are complicated and take more time
At this point, the company is monitoring audience reaction months in advance of the presentation
Character Facts:
William has tattoos
Zayn once pounced on the most influential man in the fashion world to get the latest pair of new shoes
Mei is about to unveil the most important project of her life
Brook has heterochromia.

Since the brand is releasing fashion dolls, the dolls will have layered clothes made of matching fabrics, there is also a big chance of releasing fashion packs.

Possible brand's lore description:
Three ya live a double life. They work tirelessly to keep their covert missions a secret from their peers and employers, while simultaneously trying to keep up with their demanding jobs in the glamorous world of high fashion.
They constantly have to navigate between two wildly different worlds, struggling to remain loyal to each other while still hiding their secret identities.
But what happens when the two worlds collide and one of their peers turns out to be seeking revenge to appease his broken heart?
Will they manage to keep their secret identities intact and help him change this path?

Manufacturer unknown yet, brand slogan is "The truth can't HYDE"

We can expect high quality hair and clothes:
HYDE fashion dolls

Hyde William Akeno doll

Hyde Mei Pearl doll

Hyde Brook Reed doll

Hyde Zyan De Haaze doll

To be updated!

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