New toys 2020: Mattel Cloudees pets - cloud themed surprise figures

It is no secret that hidden surprise toys for several years now are one of the biggest hits in the world of goods for children. And Mattel has ignored that trend for a very long time. But lately they've been making surprise toys, too. And one of the novelties of 2020 are Cloudees.
Cloudees toys MattelCloudees toys Mattel

Cloudees - are new surprise collectibles toys in the form of very cute pets that come in the cloud shaped case.They are hidden and you don't know which Cloudees you will get until you unbox the toy.
Cloudees toys MattelCloudees toys Mattel

You can get big Cloudees here:

You can get minis Cloudees here:

Cloudees let kids discover the magical wonder in the clouds and then find a surprise pet in the cloud they create. Following simple instructions, make it "rain" by filling the cloud container with water, and then get ready to create the "thunder."
Cloudees toys MattelCloudees toys Mattel

Really shake, shake, shake! Shake for 60 whole seconds to give the cloud a chance to fully form, and then sift through the soft cloud fluff to discover your surprise Cloudees pet friend! Cloudees pets come from seven different lands, including Snowflake Hills, Stormyville, Sunnyland and Rainbow Way. Look for Breezy Koala, Frolicking Unicorn, Prancy Poodle, Dapper Sloth and many more!
Cloudees toys MattelCloudees toys Mattel

They're delightful characters that come with accessories including a fluffy attachable cloud tail and a key chain so you can take your cloud case and character with you on the go. The lid of the cloud case works as a base, so you can proudly display your pet. For every Cloudees pets there's a matching Cloudees Minis pet. Refer to the included collector sheet to help you keep track of which pets are available to add to your collection.

Where to buy Cloudees from Mattel?

You can get Cloudees here:

When is Cloudees release date?

They are already out.

There are 14 Cloudees to collect

Cloudees toys MattelCloudees toys Mattel

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