Barbie Extra new fashion dolls 2020

New Barbie fashion dolls - Barbie Fashionista XTRA coming soon in 2020.

They are fully articilated, have really cool hairstyles and super fashionista looks!
Barbie Extra fashion dolls 2020

Here comes the brand new Barbies Fashionistas Xtra with their pets and their Deluxe dresses. These dolls, apart from the latest fashion, have some looks that will not leave you indifferent. With their extravagant hairstyles, their pets and accessories. They don't lack a single detail!
include pets that are also "extra" and have more than 10 plussed-up fashion and accessory pieces. Each doll also comes in a unique package not only is the structure break-frame with bold colours throughout, but each box will also include a unique tactile element.

Barbie Extra Pinkalicious doll

Barbie XTRA doll with pet

[center]Barbie Extra Swag Chick Nikki doll

Barbie XTRA doll with pet

Barbie Extra Candy Queen Lea doll

Barbie XTRA doll with pet

Price: 26,95 €
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