I Love U Baby Dolls from MGA

Meet new dolls from MGA Entertainment - I Love U Baby dolls. Follow the sunset, through the sky, take a left at the moon and you'll be transported into our magical world where I Love U Baby dolls are born. It's a land full of glitter and sparkle, and everywhere - nestled behind the clouds, floating on a snowflake or peeking out from behind a rainbow - I Love U Baby dolls wait for you to take one of them home.

They are adorable babies with big beautiful eyes, sparkles on their eyelashes and glitter in her hair.
Their hair color changes over and over again, when you give here a bath with the magical shampoo bottle, that also changes color.

I Love U Baby Doll- Lavender (Flower)

I Love U Baby Doll- Coral Pink (Palm Trees)

Add water to the juice bottle to magically change the color.
Baby pees in her diaper.
Includes themed T-shirt, diaper, pacifier, magical drink bottle, magical shampoo bottle and birth certificate.

More info coming soon.

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