Clothes that fits Nendoroid dolls

In this video you can find information about different closes, fashion packs and outfits for you nendoroid dolls.
Obitsu 11 dolls are taller and have different joints. Obitsu11 dolls have bigger clothes as well, so not all Obitsu 11 fashions will fit nendoroid dolls (not figures!).
Most of obitsu11 clothes are loose to nendoroid dolls. Some of them look good though, like a little bit oversize modern clothes. Also, some obitsu11 shoes are too loose that you need a thicker socks to avoid falling off.

You can find official nendoroid dolls clothes sets here:

Here are links to masters that make custom clothes to nendoroid dolls, that are mentioned in this video:

Cute dinosaur raincoat from the video:
Cute obitsu11 costumes:

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