Rainbow High Body dolls 2023

Rainbow High Body dolls is the latest addition to the Rainbow High series with new unique body types, bright, bold colors and detailed features.
There are 3 dolls in Rainbow High Body series 1 fashion collection.

Rainbow High Body Fashion tall and slim Purple doll

Rainbow High Body Fashion dolls are the perfect way to express yourself!
This is a unique doll that is sure to make a statement. She sands tall with slim figure and an edgy style. Her long flowing hair is a vibrant royal blue that cascades her back and is accessorized with a rainbow headband. Her outfit is a show-stopper with an eye-catching rainbow design on her shirt and skirt. Her look is complete with a pair of colorful shoes and a pair of rainbow sunglasses. Her body is made of durable material that is designed to last, so you can have endless fun with her.

Rainbow High Body Fashion Doll Pink

Pink doll is the perfect addition to your collection, featuring posable arms and legs and dressed in a fashionable and fashionable outfit. Every detail of this doll is made with love and care, from her colorful hair and eyes to her stylish clothing and accessories. Rainbow High Body Fashion Dolls are sure to bring
hours of creative play and fun to your home. With this doll, your little one will have an endless supply of imaginative dress up and playtime possibilities.
Get ready to express yourself with these stylish dolls and let your imagination soar!

Rainbow High Body Fashion Doll Teal

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